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The Financial Planning Process

Initial Data Meeting & Goal Setting

  • Comprehensive fact finder
  • Identify objectives and financial goals
  • Define scope of engagement and timeline

Software Setup & Verification Meeting

  • Confirm and finalize information obtained during fact finding session
  • Link accounts to eMoney software
  • Review spending and cash flow
  • Risk assessment
  • Collect fee

Presentation of Financial Plan                                                

  • Provide recommendations and implementation advice
  • eMoney reports could include Monte Carlo analysis, cash flow, insurance analysis, net worth statement. Reports included will depend on your plan
  • Establish regular meeting timeline for ongoing reviews


  • Implementation of plan recommendations
  • Account(s) setup
  • Trade execution (Execute rollover, asset allocation)
  • Continue ongoing monthly contacts to follow up on recommendations
  • This document will continue to change as your life evolves

Fee options



  • Limited scope with up to three planning areas including Retirement, Investment, and Estate planning.
  • Budget analysis (spending by category, spending history, budget establishment)
  • Debt management
  • No written recommendations
  • Access to eMoney website
  • Ongoing advice with up to 12 contacts per year
  • Minimum 1 year
  • Perfect for people with a very basic situation or younger individuals.

Starting at $99 per month ($1188) or $1100 if fee is paid up front. May increase with complexity


Includes everything in the Situational package plus:

  • Develop investment portfolio & set financial goals
  • 5 year cash flow and savings projection
  • Review Retirement account contributions
  • Evaluate employer retirement plans (401(k), fo3(b), SEP IRA, etc.)
  • Elect employee benefits & other insurance needs (Life, Disability, Long-term care)
  • Education and college funding
  • Includes customized written recommendations

Starting at $291.67 per month ($3500) or $3400 if fee is paid up front


Everything from Essentials package plus:

  • Investment portfolio analysis, strategy, and recommendations
  • Year-end tax planning & savings
  • Stock options strategy and stock plan optimization (ESPP, RSU, ISQ, NQSO)
  • Debt strategy for mortgage, student loans, auto loans, etc.
  • Traditional versus ROTH contributions analysis
  • Assistance with major purchases (i.e. home buying help)
  • Review custodial account contributions
  • Presentation of current financial situation as well as potential alternatives

Starting at $416.67 per month ($5000) or $4900 if fee is paid up front. 


Everything from Comprehensive package plus:

  • Tax coordination meeting with your accountant
  • Alternative investment strategy (private equity, venture capital, non-traded real estate)
  • Tax-qualified investment consideration (exchange funds, qualified opportunity zones, deferred annuities, etc.)
  • Retirement income forecasting and planning
  • Concentrated stock strategies & liquidations (10b5-1 planning)
  • Complex Estate planning  - updating documents and beneficiaries as needed
  • Roth IRA conversion analysis
  • Annual gifting & charitable giving
  • Business continuity and succession planning
  • Employee Benefit Planning

Starting at $666.67 per month ($8000) or $7900 if fee is paid up front. 

*Multiple payment options available including monthly subscription payments.

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