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Our Process

Initial Data Meeting and Goal Setting

Initial Data Meeting and Goal Setting

In our first meeting, we will be focused on getting to know you. There will be a conversation about basic fact finding, identifying objectives, personal values, and your financial goals.  From there, we will create a tailored experience based on your needs by defining the scope of engagement and timeline.

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Software Setup & Verification Meeting

Our second meeting will confirm and finalize the information gathered during the initial fact finding session. We will begin setting up your personalized website in eMoney, including linking accounts to the platform. We will also review your current spending, cash flow, and risk tolerance analysis. 

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Presentation of Financial Plan

The third meeting will be a guided tour of your financial plan. Your financial plan will include reports generated in eMoney. Reports you could expect to see include, but are not limited to, Monte Carlo analysis, cash flow, insurance analysis, and net worth statement. At the end of this meeting a timeline will be established for ongoing reviews.

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The final step in this process involves implementing the recommendations from your plan. That could include setting up new accounts and performing trade executions (E.g. rollover, asset allocation). After this, you will receive up to 12 contacts a year to follow up on recommendations. Meetings may be held in person, by phone, or by video conference. Financial planning is fluid and constantly evolving, much like your life. The financial plan is a living breathing document that will change as your life changes.

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