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How We're Navigating COVID-19

COVID-19 Update

Our first priority during this time is helping you take care of yourself and your family.  We've seen that the ongoing market volatility has led to uncertainty for some of our clients. To help ease this uncertainty we want to keep you up to date on how we're doing business. 

Our Office is Closed

  • To keep our staff healthy, we are all currently working from home. 
  • Our current plan is to stay this way into next year, and will reevaluate in the spring on when to reopen the office. 

Ways to Get in Touch With Us

  • Phone calls and email- As always, we are available by phone or email.  To get in touch with us today call (312)819-2415.
  • Account View and Your Website- Don't forget you have the option to check on your investments at any time via your online access. We recommend that you only check this sparingly, focus on the long term rather than checking daily.

Support Going Forward

As this situation continues to evolve, don't hesitate to reach out us.  We understand that for many, this has been a very stressful time.  We’re here to assist you and alleviate as much stress as we can. We look forward to supporting you through this time, and helping you reach your long-term goals after this has passed.