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Why for Women?

Women are less likely than men to take on investment risk, according to a 2018 survey* conducted to better understand the investment preferences and philosophies of women approaching retirement, as well as, women retirees.

Change is in the Air

Studies show that while women are more risk adverse, this is because they spend more time researching their decision.** Women tend to stay calmer when markets are down, and trade less consistently.  Men trade 45% more than women do. Leading to them holding their investments for the long term potentially leading to less commissions and lower taxes on their investments.*

How we can help?

The good news is women consistently earn higher returns over time, by 40 basis points or 0.4%.*  Women also save more than men, women save 9% of their paychecks vs the 8.6% that men save.* 

Please note that you can implement your financial plan at the financial institution of your choice.

*Who's the Better Investor: Men or Women? Fidelity 2017

** Why Women Are Better Investors, Forbes, Emily Guy Birken & Benjamin Curry 2021

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